Wouldn't It Be Boring If We Were All The Same...?

Welcome to Lone Cat Boutique 

Rose Gold stud earings from Lone cat Boutique

Luxurious Vintage style set  from Lone cat Boutique

Unique Silver Micro Pave earrings from Lone cat Boutique

At Lone Cat Boutique, we search and bring to you a gorgeous selection of costume jewellery and accessories!

We don't like to bulk buy lots of the same old thing.

Our Boutique may be smaller than most but we believe in hand picking a little of everything to offer a variety of items, always changing and keeping things fresh. 

As well as finding anything from gorgeous classic jewellery to bang on trend pieces, we also search the country to find a mixture of exciting items from old vintage brooches to really original and unique designs.Jewellery from our boutique is manufactured both in the U.K. and internationally and we only deal with U.K. reputable suppliers who maintain the highest standards in this industry.


Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same ?

All our items arrive nicely presented and packed making them perfect for gifts to others as well as ourselves!


Feel free to share your shopping experience with us and any questions and comments are always very welcome at info@lonecatboutique.co.uk

Enjoy shopping............



 Here are a few of our favourite things...